We empower you to redefine the conditions for your health.

Applying the appropriate
therapies in excellent order




in excellent order.

The word doctor comes from the
Latin word for "teacher".

Our goal is for you to understand your body’s needs and to align to meet those needs.


Health expresses when the body’s needs are met. With health, disease fades.

We focus on balancing your chemistry & connectivity.


The substance that makes up your body. The ways in which your body interacts, combines, and changes; and uses these processes to generate health or disease.

Includes the food, air, water, nutrients, and minerals you put in and on your body.


The state of the body’s interconnection of the brain, nervous system, and body.

The ability for the body to communicate and connect through the nervous system with the brain. All pain and dysfunction is due to impeded connectivity.

New Patient Telemed Offer: $40 Consultation + Assessment + Personalized Supplement Recommendations

We offer an alternative approach to modern medicine.

Today’s society is inundated with medical advice and products that prey on our desire for a quick fix. We are marketed to as broken individuals that are not in control of our health.

The industrialized medical industry views patients as codes or diagnosis. These diagnosis are treated in isolation with pharmaceuticals that mask issues rather than heal them.

We view the patient as a systematic ordered whole.

By understanding how the system works, we can identify the ways in which to rejuvenate and restore the optimal expression of health.

We work with you to develop your understanding of how your body works as a system. By helping you properly support your chemistry and connectivity, you achieve greater and greater states of health.

Treating symptoms is a vastly different approach then adjusting the cause.



Acupuncture restores proper nervous system function, and is the keystone therapy for maintaining health in a stressful world.
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Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine

A process whereby your chemistry is improved over time. We provide labs and assessments that inform, educate, and empower clients to take control of their chemistry with accessible solutions for restoring and maintaining health.
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Diagnostic Labs

Diagnostic Labs

Targeted labs to provide a comprehensive analysis of your body chemistry and identify nutrient and mineral deficiencies and food sensitivities. Educational reports are delivered with thorough consultation to explain the findings.
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Gain access to the highest grade physician and science designed supplements lines through our online pharmacy that ships internationally.
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Therapeutic Injections

Therapeutic Injections

The highest grade, therapeutic, homeopathic, and nutrient injections. To treat pain (Traumeel) and support energy (B12).
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Healthy Habits

Healthy Habits

Societal habits of stress, beliefs, reaction, and consumption are difficult to change. These habits are the source of the increasing sickness in our society. Our team encourages engagement with these habits and provide actionable solutions to move beyond them.
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Dr. Joseph Clarke


For more than 15 years, Dr. Clarke has been teaching and lecturing about the nature of health and how we can change our approach to medicine by incorporating the perspectives and methodologies of time tested modalities.


He completed his masters and doctoral work, graduating Summa Cum Laude, at the prestigious Emperors College in Santa Monica, CA, where he studied under the tutelage of some of the world’s most experienced integrative physicians and classical medicine scholars, and completed his externship at the Integrative Oncology Unit at the Providence Roy and Patricia Disney Family Cancer Center in Burbank, CA.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are no definitive studies showing the mechanism of action for acupuncture. What we do know is that acupuncture has been used for 5000 years based upon 5000 year old tortoise shell needles that have been found.

The documented application of acupuncture is 3000 years old based on a recorded dialogue of the emperor of china and his personal physician.

The clinical application of Acupuncture has since been documented continuously for 3000 years.

Its effects have been documented in MRI studies, longitudinal studies, placebo studies, and the gold stand double blind randomized control trials.

Functional Medicine uses nutrition (including supplementation) as medicine. Its application may rely on labs, assessments or the knowhow of a functional medicine physician.

Studies by the military show that frequency and consistency of treatment is essential at the beginning or treatment course. The therapy is a progressive one meaning that ou progressively improve as the therapy is consistently applied. The typical treatment coulse 2×2-3 weeks and we reassess.

Each treatment is 50 min. Intital evaluation with treatment is 75 min.

Yes we are in network with UHC and the VA we are out of network with all other insurance providers. Please bear in mind, each insurance policy is written differently and some policies may have acupunture benefits and some may not.

We offer affordable, transparent, cash based and package pricing.

We use the industry standard medical grade acupuncture needle made by Japanese made serin needles of the finest gauge in order to provide the most painless experience. 

When an area of the body has poor circulation often times there may be sensational uncomfortable in association with the needle. It often resolves after a few seconds.

You should expect to feel very at ease. You may have unusual sensations because as we change the way your nervous system communicates, because we are improving the communication of your nervous system the lingering sensations lasting up to 24 hours of ache, soreness, as well as, elation, euphoria.

Please wear comfortable loose fitting clothing that allows access to the legs arms and belly. You will keep your clothes on during treatment. Please do not drink alcohol or caffeine 3 hours before treatment.

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